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The White Giraffe

White Giraffe


MPN: 9780142411520
ISBN: 0142411523
Author: Lauren St. John
Package Quantity: 1

The author is Lauren St. John and the publisher is Puffin. It went on sale sometime in 2008. The book has 208 pages. The children books dimensions are 0.54" Height x 7.76" Length x 5.08" Width. It has got a weight of 0.4 lbs. To find the best deal on a copy for this teen book in addition to other teen books, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.

The night Martine Allen turns eleven years old is going to be the night her life changes fully. Her grandmother insists that the white giraffe is just a legend, but then, one stormy night, Martine looks out her bedroom window straight into the eyes of the tall silvery animal. And if so, why is everyone keeping its existence a secret? They say no one has ever observed the animal, however it does leave behind footprints. Could it be just Martine? s imagination, or is the white giraffe true? When Martine arrives, she hears tales of a mythical animal living there? s parents are killed in a fire, so she must leave her home to live on an African wildlife reserve utilizing a grandmother she never even knew she had. Martine? a white giraffe.


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