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Merriam-webster Children's Dictionary

Merriamwebster Childrens Dictionary


MPN: 9780756637583
ISBN: 0756637589
Author: DK Publishing

This item is somewhat popular. It well received and is having outstanding sales online. has been Do you wish to buy a book? Merriam-webster Children's Dictionary is a great child's book. The author is DK Publishing and it is published by DK CHILDREN. This child's dictionary was available sometime in June of 2008. The book is 960 pages long. We would like for you to get the best price and service when you buy a children's book. Please check out the buyers market button on this page.

In evaluating a children's dictionary, there are two test words we always check first:"e-mail"and"iguana. So get out there and e-mail all your iguana pals about this terrific reference guide! We are happy to report that this fine dictionary is above and beyond our gold standard. And iguanas, well, what kid doesn't want to read all about this"very big tropical American lizard getting a ridge of tall scales along its back "? Sandwiched between this wealth of facts and figures are 846 pages of definitions with DK's trademark crisp, clear photographs illustrating several with each of the words. (Ages 9 to 12) --Emilie Coulter Not only are there definitions for each and every single of the test words, there are illustrations for each, also! One with the handiest features in this volume might be the multicolored alphabet operating down the outer edges of each single page, with the featured letter highlighted for easy reference when flipping by means of. This 912-page illustrated dictionary is packed with great information, like planet maps on the inside covers, an easy-to-use how-to guide, and a reference section with facts and maps from the continents, pictures of flags from countries around the world, U. S. presidents and vice presidents, pronunciation guides, signs and symbols, and lots much more."After all, if"e-mail"doesn't seem in a dictionary, how up-to-date can it be?


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