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Malevolence - Legacy Series Book Two (the Legacy Series)

Malevolence5 Star Rating
Read "Malevolence", Is Another Great Teen Book By Devyn Dawson

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malevolence legacy series book phelan pack

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Author:Devyn Dawson

The Phelan Pack has found out the vampires are preparing on outing the supernatural world to humans. 5The Great Wolf - Fall 2013New Adult Book Sapphire - A Werewolf Love Story Twitter @devyndawson Pru and her new bodyguard Gus are finding Paris is full of vampires and obstacles that are unexpected. Abel has grown into a man and facing choices that will adjust the future for packs about the globe. ” Amazon Reviewer Other works by Devyn The Light Tamer Trilogy The Light Tamer - Book One Enlightened - Book Two Light Bound - Book Three - available June 2013The Legacy of Kilkenny - Book One Malevolence - Book Two The Seduction - Book 1. Pru and Dolly are in Paris to recover from the loss of their alpha and mate. The pack flies to Paris to join forces with the O'Connell Pack. They will stand together, but will the strain of relationships get in the way? “ This series has been spellbinding! Someone won't survive, and lives will change forever.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 266

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