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Dolphin Song

Dolphin Song


MPN: FBA-|279780
ISBN: 0142413755
Author: Lauren St. John

My kids want to share with you a great children books called Dolphin Song. The author is Lauren St. John and it was published on the 19th of February, 2009 by Puffin. The book has 272 pages. To get your very own copy of this book, check out our affilate link on this site.

Martine is just getting utilised to her new life on the game reserve with her grandmother and also the white giraffe, Jemmy, when she must go away. But the exciting adventure takes a dramatic turn when Martine and several of her classmates are thrown overboard into shark-infested waters! Her class is going on a trip? Now the castaways ought to learn to operate together, not merely to survive but to help the dolphins who are now in peril. an ocean voyage to watch the sardine run, a spectacular natural phenomenon off the coast of South Africa. They are saved by a pod of dolphins and finish up marooned on a deserted island.


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