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Laree Bailey Press

Author: H.M. Ward

Bane by H.M. Ward is a superb children books. The author is H.M. Ward and it was published on the 13th of June, 2012 by Laree Bailey Press. The children books is 306 pages long.

"It's like Twilight meets Hunger Games. Humans died off all through an epidemic prior for the ice disaster, and a lot of more died throughout the floods at the start of this new ice age. Their blood no longer sustains the master race. The ice caps have melted and shifted south, devastating the northern territories and eradicating major cities for example New York and London, that are now under water and frozen. Over time, the humans breeding on these farms became anemic. I couldn't put it down. BANE is her story. These events have forced vampires out of hiding."-BBTICThe world as we know it is gone. In order to produce sure that their food source wouldn't completely die off, the vampires have sequestered the remaining humans into farms and taken control of all that remains of civilization. But not all in the humans were captured and sent for the farms. Some with all the humans evaded the hunters, hiding in safe houses across the frozen tundra. As decades passed, the totally free humans disappeared, died, or had been captured, until all that remains is a single. Kahli may be the final wild human.

2. Catalyst (Oct. 20th)


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