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Back By Dawn

Back By Dawn

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1490340491
Author: Jennifer McArdle

Your children will love Back By Dawn. The author is Jennifer McArdle and it was published in June of 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The children books is 142 pages long.

There's some thing a tiny off about Landan's parents. He noticed it almost immediately following his mom and dad returned home from a night out to celebrate their anniversary. Landan has his suspicions that some factor unthinkable and even unbelievable has occurred to them. All of a sudden, they both quit their jobs. Even though life is something but normal at home, Landan's parents try their best to go on as if nothing has altered. What happens to a boy and his little sister who believe their parents have been turned into vampires? How do two people balance the love they feel for their children, their desire to retain their humanity, and their thirst for blood? Not only did they appear various somehow, but they had been also acting very strange. They started sleeping in the course of the day and only going out at night. (Recommended age 9-12)


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