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Assassin: Fall Of The Golden Valefar (a Paranormal Romance-book #6 In The Demon Kissed Series)

Assassin: Fall Of The Golden Valefar5 Star Rating
Assassin Fall Of The Golden Valefar
"Assassin: Fall Of The Golden Valefar" Is A Special Children Books

The author is H.M. Ward and it was published by Laree Bailey Press. This teen book was available sometime in 2012. The book is 270 pages long. Buy a copy of this book, check out our store button below.

assassin fall golden valefar paranormal romance-book

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Brand: Laree Bailey Press
Author: H.M. Ward

Those are the words Ivy spoke to him 3 years ago when she sent Eric to the surface. But she had no approach to know that each day the curse would twist his mind further, making Eric a lot more depraved and far more desperate to stop the monster he is becoming. But when she finds the opportunity to destroy him, she hesitates--seeing the spark of goodness he still possesses. 1 and 2 However, Natalia has other plans. When started, it can't be stopped. She's spent three years getting close to Eric and doesn't program on letting him slip between her fingers. The plan will result in his ultimately discovering peace--and destruction. Series Order:#1 - DEMON KISSED#2 - CURSED#3 - TORN#4 - SATAN'S STONE #5 - THE 13th PROPHECY#6 - ASSASSIN: FALL OF THE GOLDEN VALEFAR#7 - TBADEMON KISSED NOVELLAS:#1 Valefar Vol. Eric puts a lethal strategy into action.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 270

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