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Armored (the T é -trad Tale, Book 1)

Armored the T é5 Star Rating
Armored the T 233
Read "Armored (the T é -trad Tale, Book 1)" Is Another Book By M. A. Wilder

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armored -trad tale book seventeen-year-old beckit

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Author:M. A. Wilder

When seventeen-year-old Beckit Wright joins Aaron, a mesmerizing and mysterious knight, on a dangerous adventure to a world that she is destined to save, things get complicated when her safety and heart wind up in jeopardy. As the two struggle to help maintain their professional relationship from turning personal, Beckit and Aaron begin to wonder how long will they be able to fight both their enemies and their fierce attraction for 1 another before 1 of them ends up hurt or worse. Reader and parental discretion is advised. WARNING: This book contains some adult language, violence, and sexual content.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 212

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