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The 13TH Prophecy (a Paranormal Romance-book #5 In The Demon Kissed Series)

13TH Prophecy5 Star Rating
13TH Prophecy
Read "The 13TH Prophecy (a Paranormal Romance-book #5 In The Demon Kissed Series)"

The author is H.M. Ward and the publisher is Laree Bailey Press. The became available sometime in 2012. The book has 363 pages. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a teen book for your youth, click on the add to cart button.

prophecy paranormal romance-book demon kissed series

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Brand:Laree Bailey Press
Author:H.M. Ward

The time has come for Ivy to face her dark fate. Torn  #4. DEMON KISSED SERIES ORDER:  #1. Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar  The 13th Prophecy#6. Satan's Stone  #5. Demon Kissed  #2. Cursed  #3. There are no other options--she must destroy Kreterus. Failure to destroy him will result inside the annihilation of the globe we know and Ivy being doomed to reside inside the Underworld for eternity.

#7. TBAADDITIONAL DEMON KISSED BOOKS:  VALEFAR VOLUMES (Demon Kissed Novellas)   #1. 2  Valefar Vol. 1  #2. Valefar Vol.

  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 363

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